Learn How to Conquer Your Personal Challenges, Fears & Doubts to Make Your Vision a Reality
Whose Shoes Are You Wearing: 15 Inspirational Stories from women just like YOU!
15 Inspirational Stories - Whose Shoes
Through these stories you'll learn...
  • How to see yourself and your own challenges so you know it's possible to overcome
  • How other women's stories can support you in your journey to a transformed life
  • Tips on how to conquer and manage your fear as a woman
  •  Immediate steps to take right now to improve your life
Let it go. Let go of all the expectations and be open to the unknown. Let go of all the complicated and be open to the simple. Let go of having to know and be open to all
the possibilities that I have to offer you. Your life is waiting for you—it’s yours for
the taking.

Julian & Christine
Authors of Whose Shoes Book
Founders of Kkula Media
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