Joyce Diggs
Joyce Diggs
This book arrived just in time for me to prepare a presentation for my women's conference regarding wearing a mask. "Whose Shoes are you Wearing was an additional touch to bring the presentation full circle. The conference is next week and I am excited about helping women to remove their mask as well as redirecting them to their correct shoes and shoe size. As a Pastor, it is necessary to keep the congregants in sync with personal, emotional and cultural tends that affect their identity. I am so excited that Amazon shipped my book as quickly as possible. God bless you women and I pray for your future success.
Elinor K. Tesfamriam
Elinor K. Tesfamriam
The best thing I have read in years. This book provides a road map to success: self-respect; better relationship with oneself and others and allows you to craft a better career choice. I read this book in three days and It offers amazing wisdom and insight. VERY EMPOWERING. After I finished reading the book, I felt a great amount of energy to keep pushing toward my dreams and let go of my fears and doubts. If there is a book you are going to read this year, LET THIS BE THE ONE
Christen S. Mcginnes
Christen S. Mcginnes
I don't like "self help" books. "Whose shoes..." is not. It's a journey, a friendship, with two of the most awesome women. I read it in one evening and the light at the end of the tunnel turned on. If you have insecurities, questions, unreached goals, or are anxious about where life is taking you (and who doesn't!), then this book is for you.
KEIANNA JOHNSON Chi Chi Sophistication
The biggest goal I was able to achieve with the planner] I finished writing my book. I enjoyed the monthly productivity tips. The tips were a game changer for me as well as sticking to the goals I wrote in my vision board. Typically I would be bouncing from idea to idea but this year was the very first time I've seen real results by sticking with my plan...even if it was hard, the planner allowed me to take a break, regroup and get back in the race. I didn't feel guilty about rewarding myself. I looked forward to my rewards when I finished my work.
RITA PARDO, Naturally Me and You
2017 was extremely challenging for me. I had heart surgery, my mother died and my husband got in a terrible accident. My world changed in so many ways. I wasn't prepared but my planner kept me organized. I would have totally lost my mind (more so than what it already is) if I didn't have that planner. When I first got my planner, I didn't know what to do with it. The first two months were blank and they still are. Once I got comfortable with my failures as well as successes I was able to write them down and grow from them. This planner saved my sanity as well as my life.
TANYA BARNETT Real Wife Coachâ„¢
The Whose Shoes Transformational Planner helped me actually stop and think about what goals I wanted to achieve during the year. Being able to break those goals down to monthly action items was just what I needed. It's a fact that this planner was pivotal to not only my personal growth, but also to that of my business.